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Chain number and identification

Most of the chain is listed as an international standard, China national standards or national standards in developed countries, these are the links of a chain, identify, it is not difficult from a standard check. However, in the chain of international trade exchanges, often popular with United States, and Japan, and Germany, and Italy, and Belgium and other countries of chain enterprises, chain, chain entrepreneurs we looked lost without totally helpless. So I do guide for chain of trading you may slightly benefit.

1, with the chain number prefix

(1) the RS series

roller chains R-Roller S-Straight

for example: RS40 08A roller chain

(2) RO series

bending roller chains R-Roller O-Offset

for example: R O60 12A cranked link chain

(3) RF series

straight edge roller chains R-Roller F-Fair

for example: RF80 16A straight edge roller chain

(4) the SC series

toothed chain (silent chain) S-Silent C-Chain from the ANSI B29.2M chain and chain wheels standard.

for example: SC3 CL06 chain, pitch 9.525

(5) c series

chain C-Conveyor

for example: C2040 08A double pitch conveyor roller chains

C2040 SL SL-Small roller small roller

C2060L L-Large roller roller

CA650 C-Conveyor A-Agriculture, farm machinery small roller conveyor chain

Smali roller type

roller type

Large roller type

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