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Wear belts is not serious to replace

While the engine is running very noises such as rustling, squeaking, rattle etc, in launching the mechanism while the belt is running to move the belt by hand wheel, check to see if there are open, if found open belt should be replaced between rounds. &Nbsp;

     in the automobile engine running between 60,000 to 90,000 km, owners should check belt wear environments, but also pay attention to check engine belt between pulley thing environment. If there should be replaced, even though belt wear and tension to replace engine belt between pulley. What signs of belonging to the Ministry of environment is it?

     If in not timely replaced of environment Xia driving, sometimes between round swing volume big caused belt accelerated wear, sometimes rendering belt between round card died will belt polished, sometimes belt between round itself off, makes belt off slot, launched machine of generator and the pump, and steering power pump, and air conditioning pump, other necessary launched machine power of components get power source, caused vehicles broke down cannot normal driving. To initiate his attention was the engine belt between pulley, note to check the belt to check belt between pulley. Try when replacing belt belt between pulley be replaced, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents.

     timing belt is to make vehicles piston and valves work in sync components, so check it and nursed back to health is not overlooked. During the rainy season, vehicles prone to water, generally in the water will touch the belt, while the impurities in the water will accelerate the aging of the belt, causing the belt snapped. Therefore, during the summer and autumn season of swap, check tone vehicle belt to avoid belt breaking, causing the piston valve machinery accident.