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Method of identifying the chain

Visual inspection of the chain

1. internal/external links whether deformation, cracking, corrosion embroidery

2. the PIN is deformed or turning, embroidered Eclipse

3. roller crack damage. excessive wear

4. joints loose and deformation

5. the operation of any abnormal sound or abnormal vibrations, the chain lubrication is good

test method

cable length measuring accuracy according to the following requirements

a. measure the chain after cleaning

b. will be measured on a chain around the two sprocket, top and bottom edges of the chain to be measured should be supported

c. before the measurement chain should be imposed in three per cent notwithstanding the minimum ultimate tensile load travel 1min

d. measurement, provides measurement of load applied on the chain, above and below the chain tensioning. chain sprocket should ensure normal tooth

e. measurement of Center distance between two chain wheels

measuring chain elongation

1. to remove the chain clearance, to exert a certain degree of pulling on the chain under tension measurement

2. the measurement, in order to minimize the error in the 6-10 section (link) of measurement

3. measuring the number of rollers inside between L1 and L2 size in order to determine the size L= (L1+L2)/2

4. the elongation of the chain length is obtained, the value and limits the use of chain elongation values in contrast to the preceding paragraph shall

elongation of the chain size = judgment-base/base length *100% length

base length = chain pitch number *