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Know about types of chains and structures

The machinery chain is one of the mechanical drive parts, due to its ability to accurately transmit power, driving stability, speed constant and strong adaptability, not under the influence of size, easy maintenance, and many other excellent features, is widely applied to the line. Especially in today's highly automated production equipment, the chain has become one of the main components of mechanical transmission. &Nbsp;

  1: chain type

   classification of the chain is very much, can be end-use divided into: drive chains, conveyor chains, decorative chain, tight chains and special chains. Divides according to the structure of the chain: including roller chains, sleeve chain plate chain, nylon roller chain, scraper chain, chain, and so on.

  2: chain structure

    chain of many types, but only following their basic structure, others are several variants. We can see from these chains, most chains, chain, chain pins, bushings and other components. Other types of chain link plate according to the different needs of different changes, some in the fitted scraper chain plate, some chains put on pilot bearing, and install wheels on chain plate, and so on, these are adapted for applications in a variety of applications.