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TP, TP762-flat roof of aldehyde resin based chain plate chain, plank width 76.2


TTup, aldehyde resin with TTup1143-roof, PIN is made of stainless steel, slats width 114.3


TNu, TNu826-poly formaldehyde resin roof lath width of 82.6


(15) Super Series


super chain, such as: Super80 strength, wear resistance, fatigue particularly outstanding 16A roller chain


(16) the US series


hyperlink to  US-Ultra Super


for example: US100 20A Super roller chains, level speed of 50 m/min or more.


the chain number 2, with the suffix


(1) the h series


aggravating-type roller chains  H-Heavy


for example: CSBH or 08B strengthening the chain


(2) HP series


 H-Hollow P-Pin hollow pin chain


for example, 40HP, 08A hollow pin roller chain


(3) the SS series


stainless steel chain- S1-Stainless S2-Steel


for example: 60SS 12A stainless steel roller chain


(4) the NP series


 N-Nickel P-Piated nickel plated chain


for example: 80NP 16A galvanized 05B roller chain


(5) the ZP series


 Z-Zinc P-Plated galvanized chain


for example: 05BZP that is galvanizing 05B roller chain


(6) the SB series


lateral chain  S-Side B-Bow; also said Bush chain  S-Sintered B-Bushing of powder metallurgy


for example: 10A-ISB-10A single-row side bow roller chain, 40SB 08A chain lubrication


(7) the CU series


with the SB series, CU-Curved


for example: 50CU 10A side bow roller chain


(8) c series


 C-Cotter cotter pin connection roller chain


for example: 2040C 08A double pitch transmission roller chains, with split pin ring


(9) the r-series


with rivet head rings roller chains  R-Riveted


for example: 2060R 12A double pitch roller chains, links with a cotter pin or clip, the remaining rivet die.


(10) the MO series


maintenance-free chain  M-Maintenance free o-rings


O—O Ring chain


for example: 428MO or 4280-rings motorcycle chains


(11) w series


speed chain


C2050W 10A dual pitch speed conveyor chain, Japan KANA number


(12) the WR series


pipe wrench chain  WR-Wrench chain


for example: 50WR the pitch 15.875 tube clamp chain


3, the use of Hanyu Pinyin, chain


(1) the BS series


speed chain  B--Bei S--Su


such as:BS25--C210A , C2050W, 10A, double pitch-speed chains


(2) LT series


garage chain  L--Li T--Ti


for example:16ALT--2  16A double garage chain