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Mesh belt deviation description and solution

Runtime conveyor belt conveyor belt deviation is one of the most common failures. Deviation for various reasons, the main reason is poor installation precision and routine maintenance. During installation, cylinder head and tail, intermediate between the rollers on the same center line as possible and parallel to each other, to ensure that the conveyor belt does not or less. In addition, the Ribbon connector to the right, on both sides of the circumference should be the same. In the course of using, if there is a deviation, the following checks should be made to determine the cause, make adjustments. Conveying belt deviation check of parts and processing methods are:

(1) check the roller horizontal center line with the longitudinal centre line of the belt conveyor does not coincide. If misalignment values over 3mm, you should use the rollers on either side of the elongated mounting holes to adjust it. Specific method is what side conveyor belt deviation, which side of the roller to the conveyor belt direction forward or move after the other side.

(2) check the head and tail rack mount housing of two plane deviation value. If the deviation is greater than the 1mm of two planes, both planes in the same plane. Adjustment method of the head drum is: If the conveyor belt to the deviation on the right side of the drum, roller bearing to the right of it should be moved forward or left bearing seat backward if the conveyor belt to the deviation on the left side of the drum, roller bearing to the left of it should be moved forward or right bearing seat backward. Rear roller adjustment method with roller opposite the head.

(3) check the location of the item on the conveyor belt. Materials on a conveyor belt is not centered on the cross section, will lead to the conveying belt deviation. If the material is to the right, then the belt deviation to the left, and vice versa. Center the material should be used as much as possible. To reduce or avoid this type of conveyor belt deviation increases the striker plate, change the orientation and position of the item.


reasons for conveyor belt slipping

conveyor belt at normal speeds, speed roller speed not less than 95%. If the friction rollers and conveyor belt is not enough, prone to slipping of conveyor belt. Roller and conveyor belt caused enough friction for many reasons, common: lack of tension, load surface coefficient of friction, such as starting, roller.

tension not enough reason: tension stroke weight, weight enough is not enough, the conveyor belt is too long;

roller surface coefficient of friction is not reason enough;

roller coated rubber wear is too big, too wet or viscous lubricants, surface adhesive materials (water swelling)