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Network with crevice corrosion protection

Corrosion protection itself is stainless steel protective mesh belt, here introduces protection of stainless steel, mesh belt, too, to provide our customers attention, in order to delay your belt life, mesh belt running.

crevice corrosion mainly caused because of the existing gap caused by electrochemical inhomogeneity of the medium, so for crevice corrosion protection, which can refer to the following:

    1, reasonable design, avoid gaps. For example: welding than riveted; welding is superior to lap welding; weld quality must be guaranteed, avoiding welding holes; screw joint structure, you can use low sulphur rubber washers, dense packing, joint surface protective coatings can be used. In addition, the design should avoid stagnant water areas; maintenance, should be diligent in cleaning up, removing dirt, and so on.

    2 gap, design cannot be avoided, use cathodic protection. For example in sea water, zinc or magnesium. But when you take this approach, be aware of hydrogen embrittlement.

    3, because the inhibitor is to crack, so can paint on the joints and corrosion inhibitor for paint, for example, for steel, use Add PbCrO4 paint, aluminum, use ZnCrO4 paint for metal sheets, separated by extraction of vapor phase corrosion inhibitor packaging.

    4, using the right materials, for some important parts, you can use a strong resistance to crevice corrosion of materials, such as stainless steel high chromium and high molybdenum

network maintenance issues here is mainly for stainless mesh belt (belt of the great wall), tailgate NET