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How to install a belt conveyor

First, start and stop   conveyors should generally be started under no-load conditions. In the sequence when several belt conveyors are installed, can locking devices should be used in order to control room according to a certain order of starting and stopping. In addition, in order to prevent accidents, each conveyor set the start or stop buttons, you can stop any one alone. In order to prevent the conveyor belt was longitudinal tear due to some reason, when the conveyor is longer than 30m, along the conveyor length, should be spaced at a distance (such as 25-30m) to install a stop button.  

Second, maintenance of belt conveyor   in order to guarantee reliable operation of belt conveyor, most notably timely discovered and ruled out the possibility of failure. Operators must observe the work of transport aircraft at any time, such exceptions should be processed in a timely manner. Mechanics should be inspected regularly and check for any situations that need attention or parts, which is very important. For example, a roller, do not seem very important, but wear materials of high-speed conveyor belt may quickly wear out its shell, there is a blade, the blade may be badly damaged an expensive conveyor belt. Trained workers or experienced staff can find the impending accident and preventive measures. Conveyor belt in the entire belt conveyor accounted for a large proportion of the cost. In order to reduce the cost of replacement and maintenance of conveyor belts, must attach importance to the operators of conveyor belts and maintenance personnel training in operation and maintenance knowledge. Table l-40 lists a number of issues related to conveyor belt operation causes and treatment methods. Causes of the incident and the Elimination of belt conveyor method.

third, the installation of belt conveyor   belt conveyor installation is generally carried out according to the following stages.

1) installing belt conveyor rack rack installation is started from scratch, and then in sequence to install section, and finally installing the tailstock.   In installation machine frame zhiqian, first to in conveying machine of full length Shang pulled introduction center line, for keep conveying machine of center line in has been line Shang is conveying with normal run of important conditions, so in installation the section machine frame Shi, must alignment center line, while also to scaffold leveling, machine frame on center line of allows errors, each meters captain for ± 0.1mm. But on the conveyor length error shall not exceed 35mm of the frame Center.   When set and after finding all Dan Jiean, each section can be connected.

2) install driver device   When you install a drive, must take care that the belt conveyor drive shaft with belt conveyor center line vertical, making driving roller width of Center and center of conveyor line, reducer with axis parallel to the shaft line. Meanwhile, all shafts and rollers should be leveled. Axis level error according to the width of the conveyor, allowed in the 0.5-1.5mm range.   While installing driving device, you can install the tail wheel tensioning device, takeup roller axis should be perpendicular to the center line of belt conveyor.

3) installing idler   rack, gear and tension device after the installation, you can install the upper and lower idler roller frame, making conveyor belt slowly to the arch, bend the roller carriage for normal roller Frame spacing of 1/2~1/3. Roller after installation, should be rotating flexible light.   

4) finally find the belt conveyor   to ensure the conveyor belt always roller and roller running on the central line, installation rollers, racks and drum, :  you must meet the following requirements (1) all idlers must line up, parallel to each other, and maintain a horizontal level.   (2), all the drum line, parallel to each other.   (3) the supporting structure must be in a straight line, and kept horizontal.   For this reason, in the drive roller and roller frame installed, conveyor center line and level should be making the final alignment.   (4) and fixed to a base or the machine on the floor.   After the fixed belt conveyor, installation of feeding and unloading device.

5) hung set up the conveyor belt   when the conveyor belt is hung, before putting the belt strap on no load on the rollers, muffler after the drive rollers, then put it on heavy roller on. Hanging and brought 0.5-1.5T manual winch can be used.   Tensioning strap connects, takeup roller should be moved to the extreme position, and screw tension device on the car you want to move to the direction of transmission and vertical pick up device to move the rollers to the top. Before the tensioning belt, reducer and motor should be installed well, brake device of inclined conveyor machines installed.   After the installation of belt conveyor, idling is needed to test the machine.   Idling test machine, pay attention to the conveyor belt runs there is no deviation, driving part of the operation temperature, roller working activities, cleaning equipment and stock guide closely contact with the surface of the conveyor belt level, at the same time to make the necessary adjustments, the parts are working properly before you can run to test the machine with load. If using a spiral tensioning device, running with load test machine, but also for its tightness and then an adjustment.