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Improve maintenance belt conveyor line production

With the rapid development of the national economy, food production line belt conveyor machines become and indispensable disposal areas of glass production line equipment, linking the results, the first to link the items sent between devices. Application of belt conveyor machines, big man about the manpower, improved production efficiency, also has a long interval, transportation, the task of transport resistance, ease of installation, low power consumption, less wear and other strengths. Thus adhere to the smooth belt conveyor machine task competence progress of sand production line of production.  

common fault of belt conveyor machine

first, the belt is not turning. After starting the motor drive pulley idler belt slipping belt not starting up, this problem is due to not enough belt tension, tighten the installation does not adjust, belt is too long and heavy starting, belt tail formation of coal for another reason.

Second, the belt deviation. Run partial reason is belt in running in the has horizontal force occurred, occurred horizontal force of reason has following several: walks machine loading partial Yu side, and not loaded in Middle status; supporting roll and drum device axis and walks with middle not vertical; fuselage wire rope bump dispute disambiguation to; walks with joint not are, and not straight; unloading coal drum status no adjustment good; machine tail drum, and oriented drum no adjustment good are can provoked up belt run partial.

third, the belt is easy to disconnect. This reason is a belt tension excessive, Subs are not strong, belt buckle quality, belt use too long, poor quality causes the formation of maintenance, is to tighten tighten the installation, cut tension was replaced by a new belt in real time, enhance quality.

Finally, abnormal sound reducer. This cause is excessive wear of bearings and gear clearance is too large or shell formation of stable nails screws loose, the solution is to change the bearings, adjust the gap or replace all gear overhaul.

approach to prevention of belt conveyor machines are often seen finger

1. adhere to the belt clean;

2. check belt tension and adjust to the right;

3. on the abnormal noise should reflect in real time and real time disposal;

4. regular reflection belt tensioning, found lax should be adjusted;

5. see belt running form, such as found in the belt deviation should be adjusted;

6. insist on clean photoelectric switch;

7. check all fasteners and make sure that no loose;

8. clean the belt and verify that the belt there, and found the broken belt should be changed in real time;

9. check the smooth oil in the gear box and ensure proper;

10. check belt tension and adjust to the right;