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Industrial chain introduction


chain of adjacent flexible parts of the same or similar parts. All mechanical, body and machine chains, which are known as industrial chain.

a closed chain of body a and two chain wheels and achieve a kind of drive-chain drive. This transmission with gear and belt transmission has the following characteristics:

(1) the tooth bearing is safe and reliable;

(2) flexible transmission, absorbing shock and vibration;

(3) large range of Center distance, low precision of the manufacture, installation;

(4) compared with belt drives, gear ratios accurate, high drive efficiency, suitable for high temperature, dust, damp environment.

chain production in major industrial countries of the world: the United States due to agricultural development and export needs, chain of production first, output is very large. Japan, and Canada and other countries under United States influence, using United States chain standard ANSI production chain. European countries mostly United Kingdom BS standard. After World War II, Europe entered United States standard ASA Association, Japan ship with a steep pitch chain remains the BS standard.

chain structure is relatively simple, is labor and material-intensive products, and noise pollution. In recent years, the major industrial countries of the world gradually replaced by technology-intensive products of labor and material-intensive products, imported from the self steering. Together, these products relative to the host or equipment do not require extensive after-sales service, this will open the door for China's export chain.

2. manufacturing

chain mechanism and the organic combination of heat treatment process route, through metal, stamping, heat, Assembly (or weld). At present, the domestic enterprises are using machine, automatic lines or production lines manufacturing, some in key business processes to increase the non-destructive testing.


chains are machine components, are widely used in machinery, transportation, industrial and textile, metallurgical, mining machinery and instrument industry.

4. the main production plants and export to the countries, regions

export chain manufacturers in China, hundreds of Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces are more concentrated.

chain is in great demand on the international market. The North American market, which is the United States and Canada, imports about 2.3 billion dollars a year; Western Europe Germany, imported about 100 million marks per year; market in Southeast Asia is small, but relatively stable; in recent years, with trade increasing rapidly in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, chains gradually increased the number of exports to the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

5. chain types

many kinds of industrial chains, according to their uses can be divided into transmission chains, conveyor chains, pull chains and special chains in four categories. Apply more varieties are as follows:

(1) transmission precision roller chains and Bush chains, the use of roller chains and Bush chains, drive with a long pitch roller chains, use the overloaded plate bending roller chains, oil drilling rig drive chain;

(2) tooth drive chains;

(3) hook type casting, stamping chain;

(4) transmission roller chain, conveyor with a long pitch roller chains, conveyor with flat-top chain, solid pins, hollow pin conveyor chains and attachments can be mounted conveyor chains;

(5) forging, stamping detachable chain (hanging chains);

(6) crane leaf chains, chain;

(7) corrosion-resistant stainless steel chain, plastic chain, chain of powder metallurgy;

(8) the CVT chain;

(9) the snow chains.

6. performance indicators

International Organization for Standardization ISO usually provided parameters and performance indicators for the various chains, States have also developed standard. Inspection and acceptance based on the appropriate sample standards, criteria at present, precision roller chain bushing chains for the JB/JQ18006-88 of product quality. Other chain standards are under development.