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The development trend of China food and packaging machinery

Present situation of food packaging machinery  

China food and packaging machinery industry as the food equipment industry, formed in the late 1970 of the 20th century and the early 80 's. After more than 80 of rapid development, rapid growth in the 90 's, through the introduction, digestion and absorb, domestic production, now in its restructuring, product quality upgrading, improving innovation ability of key periods. Nearly 5 years annual average growth rate of 11%~12% food packaging machinery industry development, initially met the needs of China's food industry. Our packaging equipment manufacturing plant has more than 5,000 more, with an annual output of more than 200,000 units (sets), the product reached more than 3,700 kinds of varieties, not only meet the domestic needs, there are a number of exports.  

main problems existing in food packaging machinery is:  

1.   the gap with foreign products;

China has made great achievements in recent years food packaging machinery, but compared with foreign products still exist 20 years the technology gap. Single to multiple, complete less hosts many auxiliary little low-tech products, high-tech, high value-added and high productivity products less universal model, special requirements, special materials processing fewer models. Mechanical products quality gap is mainly manifested in poor stability and reliability, modeling poor, rough appearance, components and accessories life short, short time of trouble-free operation, product performance is compared with similar foreign products, high production capacity and low energy consumption. Better hour capacity is 1/2 of the advanced level, the energy consumption is exponentially higher than the level of advanced foreign products. China food and packaging machinery is only 5% reached the level of 90 's of the last century abroad, 20% reached the 80 level abroad, 60% to reach the international level 70.  

2. research and development capability and low  

the vast majority of our food processing and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises are SMEs basically do not have independent research and development capacity. Due to insufficient investment, research institutes and universities, and conditions are not improved, resulting in products on the market in China is mainly generic, mapping or transformation of domestic industry technologies from abroad, fewer products have independent intellectual property rights. 3% per cent of sales revenue attributable to technology development effort, but most companies invested little, unable to ensure the development of new products and new technologies. Lack of innovation in product development and timely delivery of products can not meet the market demand.  

3. small scale, duplication serious  

most small scale food packaging enterprises in China, "all-inclusive" is one of its main features, most enterprises output value between millions of Yuan to 10 million Yuan. There are many enterprises of less than 1 million Yuan. Nearly 15% the enterprise switches production or close down every year, but 15% companies joined the industry, is extremely unstable. There regardless of the industry development, repeated low production costs, technological level lagged behind, ease of manufacture of machinery products, currently about 1/4 of the enterprise in the industry there is low-level production. This is a great waste of resources, causing confusion in the packaging machinery market, hinder the development of industry.  

development trend of food packaging machine  

with the development of science and technology, and the emergence of all kinds of food, aquatic products, and new requirements for food packaging technology and equipment are presented. Food packaging machinery and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Future automation of food packaging machinery will work with industry, promote the overall level of packaging equipment, development of multi-functional, high efficiency and low consumption of food packaging equipment.  

1. realization of food packaging machinery Mechatronics  

packaging machinery, the use of traditional mechanical control, such as cams-camshafts, and later electric control and pneumatic control and other control. However, with the improvement of food processing technology and increasing requirements of the packaging parameters. Original control system cannot meet the new forms of development, new technology should be used to change the face of food packaging machinery. Today's food packaging machinery is a machine, electricity, gas, optical, and magnetic in the integration of machinery and electronics equipment, design, should improve the automation of packaging machinery, packaging machinery research and development combined with computers, realization of electromechanical control.  

Mechatronics is the essence from the system point of view, using the principle of process control, machinery, electronics and information, testing and other relevant technologies combined, achieve the overall optimization. Specifically, it is the introduction of microprocessor technology to packaging machinery, application technology, development of intelligent packaging technology, process measurement and control, fault diagnosis and removing of complete automation, high speed, high quality, low energy consumption and production. For aquatic food precise metering, high-speed filling and packaging process, will enable packaging machinery structure is greatly simplified, and improve the quality of packaging products. As the most common plastic bag sealer, sealing quality and packaging materials, sealing temperature and speed, and so on. Material (material, thickness) changes in temperature and speed will also change, but change is difficult to grasp. Controlled by microcomputer, various packaging materials for sealing temperature parameters and speed of best match the input computer memory, coupled with the necessary sensors, composed of automatic tracking system, so that no matter which process parameters change, can guarantee the best quality seal.  

2. the introduction of new technology, building automation, diverse, multifunctional integrated packaging machinery   of the new system;

technical development trend of food packaging machinery is mainly reflected in higher productivity, automation, single multi-purpose, multi-functional production line. Such as multi-station bag vacuum packaging machines, bag, weighing, filling, vacuum, sealing and other functions can be completed on a stand-alone; function, match the efficiency of several machines can be combined successfully to complete production lines, France CRACECRYOYA and ISTM fish designed vacuum packaging line. Using new technologies in packaging methods used on packaging to replace vacuum packaging, pneumatic components, packaging materials and gas flushing packaging machine in three areas of study combine; control technologies. Greater use of computer technology and microelectronics technology; in sealing applications of heat and cold sealing technology. In addition, along with the packaging from a single technical progress in the study on the combination of turning and machining, packaging technology areas should be extended to the field, developing packaging, processing and integration of food processing and packaging equipment.  

3. adapt to the needs of the international market, develop green packaging machinery design  

after joining the WTO, China of green trade barriers on foreign food and packaging machinery industry put forward higher requirements, so need to change the traditional mode of packaging machinery design and development. Packaging machinery is taken into account at the design stage in its life cycle (design, manufacture, Assembly, use and maintenance until the waste after disposal process) no influence or to minimize the impact on the environment, to enhance the core competence of packaging machinery in China. Design-time from the device structure, materials used, the manufacturing process, modular, removable, balanced life, ergonomics, usability and other aspects of "green design".  

4. enterprises to specialized, large-scale development  

food packaging machinery in China must follow the path of specialization, by simple repetition, expansion of production quantity is not workable, we must develop the high-end equipment, and efforts to improve the technology, so refined, so special, strong product.