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China freezing industry, who will become frozen oligarch

Judging from the national food code, frozen products are classified as convenience foods category, became the instant noodles after the second-largest product. Current sales of instant noodles 500duogeyi, quick-frozen products to around 10 billion instant noodle consumption basically ripe, frozen products is still growing. Two industries that belong to the same convenience food categories, is essentially the same in product attributes (both born in order to solve the food problem, especially with greater similarity of deep-frozen, you can substitute staple foods), then the market will have similarities.

once a frozen market predecessors spoke about: frozen industry was birthed the world 500 strong industry. Frozen how big is the future of the industry. Frozen development of the industry in China is only 20 years or so, the current gap in terms of size is far, but frozen business prospect of anyone familiar with the industry will not be ignored. Frozen when full-blown outbreak of the author in the apparel industry to compare. 30 years of development, China has experienced buying cloth yourself, buy fabric to tailors, to the stage of direct buy clothing (current tailor garments has been belonging to the luxury industry custom), development of the garment industry also directly into the blowout. Cook when people don't buy vegetables such as frozen semi-finished products directly instead of meat cooked, frozen spring also will come in its entirety (of course, this depends on the rapid development of the national economy, rely on frozen frozen development of product diversification).

in consideration of the frozen food category properties are more similar to instant noodles (different frozen food nutrition is far higher than instant noodles, but slightly less convenience), based on analogy types, instant noodle industry look at freezing industries (author mentioned in the freezing industry more frozen dumplings, dumplings half frozen market Basic) and would like to reveal to industry colleagues.

development of China's instant noodle industry has experienced three stages, the first stage: (70 's-early 90 's) brand is a lot of competition low grades, packaging simple, do not pay attention to brand; the second phase: (early 90 's-the end of the 90-year) master of time. 1992, in Taiwan unknown of top new group launched "Kang master", to appropriate of price, and fine of packaging, and unique of taste, and active of marketing strategy into market soon, on became instant noodles industry of led brand; (this time frozen market in started development stage, products to bulk mainly, also in low grade competition stage, and instant noodles industry first stage similar) third stage:  (90 late years has): unified, China Dragon, and White elephant and many other midsize enterprise is gradually emerging and master Kong and compete, but between 2009 and tingyi have accounted for 50% of the market share, leader short-no one is going to move. (This time frozen industry also in fast development stage, three full and Miss accounted for has half, but derived from Hong Kong of Chai Terminal brand as 1992 Kang master into China market as, its with with quality of products, fine of packaging, active of marketing strategy into city market and Yu 2008 began national expansion, to frozen dumplings category mainly and three full, and Miss began positive competition, and in line focus market made advantage, basically became line focus market dumplings of led brand. This stage and the instant noodle industry is similar to the second phase of the development of the country)

it can be seen that after all belong to the same industry (food category), although the birth of China's instant noodle industry earlier than freezing industry for 20 years, but the development process is very similar (but in a different time period). Frozen dumplings the next stage of development of the industry trends? We go through analysis of phase III of the instant noodle industry trends, mainly in three aspects:

first, the clear trend of high-end products. Price (price per pack more than 1.6), price (price per package more than 1), cheap and low price (price per package in 1). High market share rising by 2009 market capacity has exceeded 30%, price, inexpensive and cheap market share continued to decline. High-end products and ability to resist risks. Even when it comes to the economic crisis, nor is there any increased its market share (as of September 2008 start, high market share instead of accelerating). It can be seen that's instant noodle market, high-end product is already a clear trend (see chart 1). This industry has a very important reference for future development on the frozen dumplings, and who first grasped this trend, will become the biggest beneficiary of industry development.

deep-frozen markets (mainly the municipalities and the capital market) has shown a trend of high-end products above 20 Yuan/kg price products, as of 09 40% market has accounted for a market share in the first half, a city of high-end frozen dumplings has become a reality. But instant noodles is not only a market, the national market of high-end products also have to be a very obvious trend, the dumpling has a very important significance for reference for future national development, who first grasped this trend, will become the biggest beneficiary of industry development.

Second, facilitate the development of products faster and faster. Convenience foods most of the core functionality is to provide convenience foods, which are also convenience foods (including instant noodles and frozen the birth of reason). Barrel significantly more convenient than packaged instant noodles instant noodles (even if it's more expensive, consumers will accept), so that its position in the industry is rising, the market share is close to 25% (see Figure 1).

This is the core reason why frozen capacity less than instant noodles industry, due to frozen food storage limit (must be placed in the freezer), but also by way of eating restrictions (most frozen foods are eaten raw, pot or microwave oven and must be used in order to achieve the purpose of eating), storage and consumption, such as restrictions on the way, so the frozen foods can be consumed at home. Convenience breakthrough is also frozen a bottleneck in the development of industry, but is also an opportunity for businesses.

third, the high degree of market concentration, oligopoly market develops. As of June 2009, master 54% market share (market share only 37% 3 years ago), the market share in the top four of Master Kang, Hua long, white elephants and the combined market share is close to 85%, and a nationwide competition carried out by several major manufacturers.

currently frozen dumplings market national share Qian four name of manufacturers three full, and Miss, and Chai Terminal, and Phoenix accounted for 70% market share, but concentrated degrees not high, market share highest of three full dumplings (containing champion dumplings) also only 30%, but Chai Terminal firmly occupy with high-end, national dumplings market overall for is three full, and Miss and Chai Terminal tripod, the manufacturers from overall view are not according to absolute advantage.

from above we can see the instant noodle industry the main features of the current stage of development, quick-frozen dumpling industry's development in recent years has also been showing a similar shape, such as high-end products (frozen high-end market has shown a product), the branding set high in the, and so on. Therefore, the frozen echo the instant noodle industry is extremely similar to the development of future, birth products such as high-end, more convenient frozen food (mainly technical breakthroughs), oligopoly market.

but this three a features is has causal relationship of, Qian two a features is for, then a features is fruit, who grasp live has Qian two a features (even better of grasp live has which a features), so future frozen market of oligarchs enterprise is may is he, is three full, and is Miss, is Chai Terminal, and is Phoenix, and also is other rising star? We will wait and see!

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