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How to maintain belt conveyors chain conveyors and other conveyor equipment

Conveyor topics today to show you professional knowledge and concepts, and assembly line conveyors, conveyor line method of manipulation, such as transportation equipment, gives you the correct maintenance and use of these devices.  

     first we begin from the lines feature:  

    1. transportation speed accurate and smooth to ensure correct synchronization transmission;  

made of     2, using special aluminum, assembled a number of facilitation.  

    3, constructed simple, attractive appearance, practical and no noise;  

    4. quantity shipped is greater, the weight of the load;  

    5, high automation, multifunction,  

    6. facilitate the free shipping, you can do assembly line developed or used for storage of goods transport;  

    7. equipment performance guarantees, and can adapt to any bad place (high temperature, dust),  

    8. chain conveyor is based on chains as traction and carrier transport, chain of the unusual sleeve roller chain, or they can use some special chain;  

     lines all parts of us how to carry out maintenance and regulatory control, lines and other transmission equipment is not only maintenance workers at work manipulating specification, the only way to make the transmission line is operating normally.  

     to watch out for is the maintenance of not only hardware maintenance, should also pay attention to the operator's normal operation. Graphic design should ensure that part of the line route shortest, production workers to facilitate manipulation and ancillary services section, the most efficient use of the production area, and taking into account the lines between interrelated. To meet these requirements, in line layout lines should be considered when in the form of arrangement, pipeline installation work and so on.  

transformer maintenance and maintenance of dimensions     1, head of motor: the motors do not water, if the water has a chance to lead the motor insulation damage which device is not working.  

    2, chain care and maintenance: chain need to observe, often with butter and oil, because the chain work for a long time, lubrication liquid will evaporate, causing noise in favor of topics such as crawling.  

    3, line head gear box repairs and maintenance: after using a quarter for the first time all the excessive oil in the gearbox out, gasoline and diesel gear box inside to take a bath, and then add new oil to the observation window on the line in the middle. Back every year like this one again. (We need to pay attention to: lubricants and too little can cause gearbox noise and overheating, even gearheads scrap, lubricating oil at a time not exceeding the observation window in the Middle, over too much can cause gearbox overheated, the motor overload protection switch is off