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Method of analysis of use of mesh belt installation troubleshooting

NET installation troubleshooting method:


1, such as bicycling phenomenon in a belt, adjustable from driven shaft at one end of the shaft, slowly adjusting, keep in mind the rapid adjustment, resulting in net margin scratch.  

2, such as network jitter behavior occurs, check transmission and conveyor roller has no rust refused to go inside the tunnel, individually adjusted.  

3, chain drive style mesh belt such as skip chain, run the instability, you should check both ends of the axle sprocket is synchronous, excessive wear of teeth.

characteristic combination balanced type mesh belt:

combination balanced type mesh belt with a relatively fine mesh, you can block the leakage of small objects, network with strong, high tensile strength.  

NET applications:

has been widely used in chemical fiber industry of aldehyde-machine {YL543YL541}  washing machine YL112, scouring machine Q392, cookie lines in the food industry.  

service life of the belt:

  carbon steel mesh belt can be used for about 8 months, stainless steel mesh belt can be used over 2 years and 304 material belt fits in 4 years or so.  

  mesh-belt service life of main influence factors:


1, with net material (original Japan expected longer service life)  

2, use mesh belt furnace is hardening or carburizing, carburizing and relatively short life  

3, the use of quenching medium and shorter belt service life in salt bath  

4, design and equipment of the device itself is a mechanical problem