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Effect of environment on stainless steel mesh belt life

Stainless steel mesh belt life and environment are closely related:

stainless steel mesh belt life than ordinary network with long life, because our environment is complex, such as high temperature, corrosive environment. As we all know, stainless steel mesh belt is characterized by high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength.

first, in the case of more than 400 ℃ high temperature use

when the network is functioning, because the heat cause a rise in temperature of conveying material conveying forgot my strength was gradually decline as temperatures rise. Stainless steel mesh belt usage restrictions will depend on the material and mesh belt rotational friction generated by the temperature and the temperature of the material. Temperatures over 400 ° c when will affect the life of the stainless steel mesh belt refer to the stainless steel mesh belt manufacturer, under normal circumstances, the stainless steel mesh belt is resistant to high temperatures, so at 400 cases would not affect its service life, but due to the different manufacturing processes, all manufacturers of stainless steel mesh belt's life is different.

in high temperature situations also need to consider the following issues when using stainless steel mesh belt

a) net heat generated due to friction at work.

b) stainless steel mesh belt due to a manufacturing process different coefficients of thermal expansion different when different materials welded together, have the possibility of thermal fatigue.

c) when the ambient temperature exceeds 400 ℃ expansion between the parts in batch decreases should be fully taken into account.

d) creep.

e) ordinary belt heat embrittlement at high temperature, stainless steel mesh belt.

f) carbon precipitation of brittle;

g) influence of temperature changes on the use of the stainless steel mesh belt (cooling and expansion);

h) effects of high temperature on lubrication, Silicon, graphite and molybdenum disulfide lubricant has good heat resistance.

Second, when the net exposure to corrosive material can have negative consequences. First belt replacement parts will become more and more detailed, causing wear accelerated, common rust belt parts can also affect stainless steel hinged and flexible rotation of the rollers. When stainless steel mesh belt continued to work in acidic or alkaline environments, stress corrosion and corrosion of Crystal parts will appear.

when belt is used in a corrosive environment, must attach great importance to network with parts materials selection. For Martensitic stainless steel series for parts of the mesh will rust but also depends on the work environment may be. Mastery of anticorrosion technology in corrosive environments mesh belt is very useful in the right.

third, the ground environment network

ground environment network, can lead to wear particularly severe, in order to guarantee the service life of the belt, use must be taken:

a) can install the chain cover to avoid network with direct exposure to the grinding of materials;

b) when exposed to abrasive materials must be in choosing the right conveyor type;

c) chain speed as low as possible;

d) to reduce the net with pin and socket hinge consisting of pressure, select a larger size mesh belt;

e) use grease lubricants.

stainless steel mesh Belt conveying corrosive goods should pay attention to:

   corrosion of stainless steel mesh belt conveyor goods, likely to be exposed to corrosive materials, likely to cause fine stainless steel mesh belt parts, wear accelerated, rust can affect the chain on the part hinged and flexible roller reverse turn; there will be stress corrosion corrosion and grains. Select the chain for use under corrosive conditions, must pay attention to the chain parts materials selection; for Martensitic stainless steel parts of chain mesh belt rusty needed depends on the working conditions.  

   stainless steel mesh belt used in electronic initiative to pull out the substrate consumption, applicable to circuit board plug, welding, testing and production process. Plug wire conveyor width adjustment of ball bearings, installation of accepted international predecessors, lightweight, flexible, no noise. Plug wire important accepts aluminum racks conveyor layout, appearance, convenient placement.