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Present and future development of transmission network in China with technology

Network with drive is mechanical drive important of drive form one of, with industrial technology of constantly improve and on mechanical equipment precision of, and light quantitative, function of and personalized of requirements, constantly to high precision, and high speed, and power, and efficient, and high reliability, and long life, and low noise, and low vibration, and low cost and compact of development, its application range increasingly wide, drive form more and more. As a principal part of the belt drive-the drive belt from the vulnerable function to change direction, on many occasions they have replaced other forms of transmission. Its specifications to the diversity, from the traditional fabric of ordinary v-belts and common development a narrow v-belts, wide v-belts, wide angle, the v-belt, cutting edge v-belt, multi-wedge belt, timing belt, rope belt and plate based flat belt. The drive belt has been widely used in the automotive, machinery, textiles, household appliances, Office Automation (OA), light industry, machinery and other areas in the national economy and will play an increasingly important role in the daily life of the people. Along with varieties of transmission networks, the use of the continuous improvement of performance standards, in the transmission belt production using the new materials, new technology and new techniques, using more and more advanced production equipment and testing instruments.

transmission belt production in China through years of introduction of digestion and absorption and developed, has made great progress, especially since the 90 's of the last century, v-belts and trimming line rope v-belt, timing belt and ribbed belt drive belts of the two series as the main representative, its production equipment, process technology and product quality has reached a considerable level. This paper in our country (not including the wholly-owned peace) both of these varieties of products, raw materials, production technology and production equipment as well as standardization and application development, introduced the current situation and future development trends.

1        drive belt

General drive belt refers to a belt drive to transmit motion and (or) dynamic of flexible strips (band), the drive belt here refers specifically to rubber or elastic materials and manufactured with other materials. Classified according to the transmission mechanism of friction drive belt (such as flat belt and v-belt, etc) and the drive belt (belt), classified according to the used transmission drive belt, automotive industrial drive belts, drive belts for agricultural machinery and home appliances and Office Automation (OA) transmission network with four. Described here for convenience according to their structure, manufacture methods and the different materials used are as follows.


v-belt fabric 1.1 

v-belt can be classified by their skeleton structure-cloth cord v-belt and cloth type cord v-belt. Due to the structure of v-belt cord cord structure reasonable, even stress, bending stress the advantages, and can increase the service life and performance. Advanced industrial countries as early as 60 completed the upgrading of the structure of v-belts cords of polyester, into the late 90 's of the last century in China began large-scale transformation Pack v-belt cord structure. Cloth v-belts according to their profile and instructions for use can be divided into ordinary v-belts, narrow v-belts, automobile v-belts, hex and agricultural machinery, such as variable speed v-belt. Its structure consists of compressing layers of adhesive, strong tensile, adhesive composition, access to plastic and cloth.

1.1.1  v    ordinary v-belts (v-belts) in China is the main drive belt, an annual production of more than 1 billion AM, v-belt production more than 80%. 70 's of the last century in China using rayon cord as the matrix material, 80 ordinary v-belts of the last century began using polyester cord, early 90 's of the last century, the original rubber jiaxing factory and Changshu, Jiangsu elephant rubber industrial co respectively, and Taiwan Li EMI and Taiwan elephant rubber industry after a limited joint-venture production line v-belt fabric rope, China began reconstruction of classical v-belt full of cords of polyester. Yield larger manufacturers of Shaoxing sanlux, Kaifeng, Kowloon, three dimensional and Hebei haiside, Taizhou, main roof, three, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, Henan weishi, Hebei julu and Wuxi in Jiangsu Province.

1.1.2  narrow v-belt    narrow v-belts are United States Gates 50 's of last century the company has developed a new series of high-powered v-belts, because of reasonable structure, strong rope force uniform, compact transmission power, transmission, will soon replace the ordinary v-belts v-belts of main products. Started late in China, Shanghai early tape limited (formerly Shanghai rubber belt factory) transmission capacity for large devices, made with rayon cord too narrow v-belts. 70 's of the last century the original Ministry of oil for the oil drilling equipment and pumping unit with transmission problems, jianghan machinery Research Institute and Yichang, southern rubber factory and Qingdao rubber six factory developed cord structure narrow v-belt, but because the materials, especially the skeleton material and tooling problem, has not been a breakthrough. Shang century 80 generation medium-term, original oil Department, and original mechanical Department and original chemical Department joint project on oil equipment with joint group narrow v with for joint research, made series results, manufacturing technology and products quality (products performance, and using life, and drive efficiency and drive capacity,) are reached at abroad advanced level, promote has China v with technology as tooling, and raw materials and the theory application research development, products Yu 1987 through ministerial identification.

narrow v-belt v belt a good substitute in China's oil industry, other sectors are not well applied to development. Main reason is applied is inadequate; second, some manufacturers do not strictly follow the narrow v-belt requirements to create, if they need to use polyester cord, neoprene and a wide-angle, unable to advantage of the narrow v-belt; the third is the domestic manufacturers have not the same as ordinary v-belts formed series.

1.1.3  automotive v belt Gates  1911 years Americans invented the v-belt was first used in automobiles to drive the cooling fan, 70, cutting edge v-belts appear to slowly replace the cloth type v-belt, to the 80 's of the last century was the cutting edge v-belts and wedge belt replaced. Early in 1945 by Shanghai rubber plant in China for imported auto parts production, the 50, the State-run Shanghai chemical plant in the former Soviet Union on standards first Jiefang automobile accessory in China. Middle of the last century 80 's, v-belt and the pump belt of automobile and tractor manufacturer with Nanjing Institute of glass fiber (hereinafter referred to as the Nanjing fiberglass), successfully developed a strong layer of fiberglass cord fan belt and the pump belt and put into mass production. Users generally reflect the fan belt and the pump belt glass fiber high strength, elongation rate, transmission power, long life, under normal conditions traffic  4 million ~5 million  km. And, as fans with a strong layer of fiberglass cord problems can be resolved early in the process of using excessive elongation to avoid tape spin while in use, until the late 90 was completely replaced by polyester cord. Current automotive v-belts in China by cutting edge v-belts and wedge belt replaced.

1.1.4 agricultural machinery v-belt    means agriculture, gardening and forestry equipment, such as drive belts, which includes almost all varieties of different specifications of the v-belt and a little flat and irregular bands, foremost among them combine stepless transmission main drive variable speed v-belt (variable speed belt). Its use is characterized by poor working conditions (rain dust and oil, sediment, etc), low-speed high-load, high shock, extreme tensile bending and skidding heat, thus creating separate standards system. China is a large agricultural country, attached great importance to agricultural mechanization, large combines with its high efficiency, suitable for large-scale valued jobs. Combine stepless transmission main drive is a key part of combine harvester, variable speed v-belt is one of the main components, which will directly affect the performance and quality of combine harvesters working condition. V agricultural machinery products in China is starting only from the mid-70 's, when countries put forward the idea of speeding up agricultural mechanization, introduced from abroad, such as a large number of agricultural mechanization in agricultural machinery, domestically produced combine have come out. To these combine maintenance accessories and supporting using, some tape factory as Tianjin rubber machine with factory, and jiamusi machine with factory, and Harbin North rubber factory and Shanghai tape factory, began development farm machinery v with, at due to production technology, raw materials and tooling, many problem, products quality and performance has been cannot meet requirements, as using life is less than more than 100 hours, each wheat to for good several single with. From the late 70 and early 80, Chinese Academy of agricultural mechanization and the Mainland cooperation has a considerable amount of research work, achieved some results, such as increased service life to more than 300 hours, but limited to the condition, has not been a breakthrough, and poor product quality stability. But what is important is the emergence of a number of belt drive specialists, develop a number of test devices, laid the groundwork for later belt drive development in our country.

late 80 machine factory in Tianjin to introduce United States v-belt manufacturing of agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery v band gap with foreign countries is greatly reduced and fatigue life of HM-variable speed v-belt 100h, using the life of two wheat. Jiamusi factory introduced in 1998 Germany SCHOLZ technology and equipment, fatigue life of 63h, products by the jiamusi combine harvester company and other units installed capacity test, a wheat and beans in your test with good results. Longshan rubber factory in the Shanghai rubber belt factory in Wuxi on the basis through independent development, product quality and production capacity in the domestic leading level, products with major combine harvester factory facilities.

in recent years, half-feed rice Harvester began to be widely used in China, its main source of technology for Japan. Its transmission system using the inverse-tensioner (tensioning wheel on the back) to adjust the belt tension and the tension of clutch. Compact structure coupled with the combine harvester and big horsepower, v-belt cross section model used by smaller, W600, W800 with a strong cord need Kevlar, with structure and composition are specially designed to ensure lateral rigidity and vertical flexibility and heat resistance. Wuxi study Longshan rubber factory began in 1996, in 1998 the State economic and Trade Commission and Ministry of machinery of large farm equipment key Kit   "rice combine special v-belts" technology innovation project, now with a number of rice combine harvester factory facilities.

1.2  cutting edge v-belt, ribbed belts and timing belts

1.2.1 cutting edge v-belt    cutting edge v-belt v-belt fabric was developed on the basis of, the model specifications with the same cloth v-belt. Cutting edge v-belts compared with cloth v-belts with high transmission efficiency, transmission power, long life, energy-saving effect and the advantages of compact transmission, high-speed transmission. Cutting edge v-belt structure is characterized by two sides (faces) without fabric, rubber mixed with directional short fiber, power cord made of special hardened layer of high-strength chemical fibers (polyester fibers). Tooth shape, flat and laminated structure now tended to tooth structure.

ever since the 70 's rapid development in foreign countries. Cutting edge v-belt early first used in automotive v-belts in a foreign country, to address highway use cloth-car v-belt life problems. In the early 80 's to address the jialing motorcycle Yamaha introduced 50 qingqi matching, some manufacturers began using trial speed belt molding method, but life is very low, only good 2000-3000km, but also unstable. The mid-80, rubber products factory in Luoyang first introduced Germany technology and equipment for SCHOLZ, and Wuxi, Guiyang, Shanghai, Kaifeng, and have been producing cutting edge v-belt technology and equipment, our cutting edge v-belts only to genuine development. 1991 belt belt co, Wuxi (former Wuxi rubber factory) for the Guangzhou Peugeot automobile accessory fan belt through Peugeot France headquarters approval, automotive transmission belt which is also our production by auto manufacturer in the world recognised for the first time. Rubber products plant in Shanghai for Shanghai Volkswagen Santana developed generator belt popular Germany headquarters approval and acclaim.

     tooth cutting edge v-belt due to the flexible, and can be used in very small wheel diameter, wide speed range, very suitable for variable speed v-belt, industrial v-belt type stepless transmission and motor scooter with cutting edge v-belts. Wuxi belt tape Ltd and Zhejiang zijingang tape produced by cutting edge v-belts for many domestic motorcycle manufacturers.

    cutting edge v-belts in China is developing rapidly, but the main focus on automotive, made mainly in sanmen, Zhejiang, Ningbo, Zhoushan, Guangzhou huadu, xingtai, Hebei, Guiyang and Wuxi and other places. Very different quality, better of Berthe Morisot in Wuxi, the Guizhou public, Ningbo yujiang, Liaoyang and domestic OEM manufacturers such as galloping horses. With the car being ribbed v-belt replacement, cutting edge v-belt to the industrial belt development.

1.2.2. Ribbed belt   ribbed Jiping with good flexibility and power advantages of a v-belt drive, is a very promising new drive belt, its architecture is based on flat substrates, annular surfaces arranged within the equidistant vertical wedge drive belt. Transmission power, reasonable force uniform, featuring a high, high-speed small diameter wheels, reverse-advantages of multi wheel drive, have developed rapidly, especially automotive ribbed belt, into the 90 has a basic use this as an attachment in front of engine transmission gear train drive belt.

China 70 generation Shanghai tape factory production polyurethane more wedge with, Liaoyang Ben horse tape in 90 early first in domestic itself development car more wedge with for Beijing cut Connaught base supporting, subsequently Guizhou mass, and Shanghai tape (Hou for Shanghai ROULUNDS) and Wuxi belt using introduced equipment, Ningbo yujiang using domestic equipment development car with more wedge with, products for more than diesel engine, and light car engine and air conditioner supporting using. Wuxi belt jointly with Faw Technical Center developed EPDM ribbed belt, the product has passed 6DL new diesel 2400h reliability test, and applied for a patent (CN1651232A). Guizhou public developed EPDM ribbed belt (CN1746218A).

drum-type washing machines in China has developed rapidly in recent years, to save space and simplify design with elastic ribbed belts, Shanghai five for Haier's production of this zone. Hebei huanyu and jiaxing richly molded ribbed belt.

1.2.3  synchronous    synchronization with integrated belt drive and many advantages of chain transmission, gear, a gear ratio the transmission network with high precision. Transmission principle is with convex teeth meshed with cogging force on the pulley. When driving pulley rotation can rely on teeth meshing in turn pass on kinematics and dynamics of the pulley from wheels. Therefore, the drive does not exist in the slip phenomenon, driving wheels and gear line speeds are the same, can achieve the synchronization of line speed, the driven wheel. Angular velocity remains stable, does not have an impact. Sucking vibration performance good, noise small; drive device weight light, heat accumulated less, forced meshing not skid, so drive compared accurate, can get 98% above of efficient; speed range big, General can up 10, highest line speed can up 50m/s; power range can from several w to hundreds of KW; with of Zhang tight force small, axis Shang of pressure light, axis of bent deformation reduced, can extended bearing of using life; structure simple, and compact, suitable Yu more axis drive and the Center from larger of drive. Due to its combination of belt drives, chain and gear drive benefits, so when the two-axis center distance is large, requested speed is constant, around mechanical lubricating oil pollution is not allowed, requires running smoothly no noise, easy maintenance when, synchronous belt drives tend to be the most ideal method of transmission.

synchronization with is 1946 United States Uniroyal company (drive network with part 1990 into gates) invention of, first is trapezoidal tooth, 70 early the company and launched arc tooth synchronization with (HTD), solid specific almost while development out double arc synchronization with (STPD), 80 early Italy PEILLI and launched parabola tooth synchronization with, Germany Optibelt while period also development has "ω"   arc tooth synchronization with (can for different tooth shaped with round, Called universal belt) 90 HTD2 gates (HTD improved the GT or YU) timing belt, Gottlieb on the same end of the 90 "person" belt developed, and in the "ENGLE" logo to market. Thus perfect timing belt technology, in many areas to replace the original gears and chain drive, such as when the car is driving (automotive timing belt).

timing belt started late in China, 70 Shanghai rubber belt factory producing polyurethane timing belts, standard modular system from the former Soviet Union. Early 80 's with the increase of imported equipment and spare parts is becoming increasingly prominent, synchronous belt factory in Cixi (now Ningbo Fulong) and Wuxi rubber factory began development of rubber timing belt. 80 generation late Qingdao rubber industrial Institute (Hou transfer to Qingdao synchronization with factory), and Wuxi belt, and Shanghai tape and Guizhou mass have introduced has Germany SCHOLZ technology and equipment production synchronization with, during Qingdao rubber industrial Institute and Harbin University of technology cooperation research STPD tooth shaped car synchronization with; Wuxi belt and Faw Technology Center joint development 488 engine with synchronization with, performance index reached Chrysler standard; Shanghai tape factory for mass development Santana with synchronization with. Ningbo yujiang, Guizhou public and Liaoyang horses have developed successful automotive timing belt for the domestic engine plant. Successful development of our automotive timing belt timing belt manufacturing technology has reached the international level. Wuxi Berthe Morisot also cooperated with Faw Technical Center in 1996, the first in China to successfully developed hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (HNBR) timing belt and applied for a patent (CN1491978A).

timing belt major production in China, Ningbo, Zhejiang, Taizhou, Shanghai, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Taizhou and other, larger factory Ningbo Fulong, CI XI Hui Xin, yuyaokaici, ninghai Jaguar, Shanghai five equally.

2        drive belt material

2.1  framework

2.1.1 polyester cord   V-belt reinforcing materials abroad in the late 60 's have basically of polyester and rayon fibers often used prior to this. Polyester cord over 1.5 times stronger than rayon cord. More than  1 times higher initial modulus, better resistance to Flex fatigue and thermal shrinkage, compensable use of v-belt extension. Early 80 's of the last century in China, Shanghai rubber belt factory in imported polyester cord started for the first time in an ordinary v-belt scale application, import the tape factory in Guangzhou also in ordinary v-belt polyester cord tried to replace the rayon cord as a powerful framework and vinylon. The Wujiang industrial cloth factory rubber Research Institute and Beijing began its development cooperation through imports of high tenacity polyester filament polyester cord, and in 1987 through the identification of the former Ministry of chemical industry. Last century the late 80 's and early 90 's with the localization of high tenacity polyester filament, v with a strong layer of reinforcing materials gradually replaced by polyester cord, also heavy use of vinyl fabric. The late 90 's, with the large-scale transformation of the v-belt cord structure, polyester cord began to use large quantities, the current v-belt reinforcing materials accounted for the main. Polyester cord annual consumption of about 10 000 tons at present, major manufacturers in Suzhou Miller (Germany-owned), Wu Hongda, Jinhua Qingdao, Green Island, and so on.

cutting edge v-belts and ribbed belts generally made from hardened   poly cord. In order to make the cords cut after the ship to maintain its integrity, dipped by isocyanate organic solvents/RFL leaching system. But ordinary polyester cord also has a dynamic heating, high temperature and high shrinkage, relaxation of the shortcomings, in high transmission network with automobile cutting edge v-belt, ribbed belts and grinding machine with high speed applications such as flat belts are subject to certain restrictions. Advanced countries in the 90 's of the last century and gradually developed a high modulus low shrinkage (HMLS) polyester cord used to drive belt reinforcing materials (strength), improve service performance and service life of the drive belt. High modulus low shrinkage (HMLS) polyester fibers, is United States ALLIEDSIGNAL in the 80 's of the last century, the company developed a high strength polyester stable fibers (also known as DSP polyester fibers, Dimensionally  Stable Polyester yarn), fibers and prominent than ordinary polyester fiber is characterized by: high initial modulus, deformation and elongation of small, Dimensional stability, small dynamic heat build-up, especially in high-temperature thermal shrinkage, but at low temperature shrink than ordinary polyester. Such fiber cords are particularly suitable for transmission belts. Car cutting edge v-belt, multi-wedge belt, use this string can be achieved with maintenance-free (Service-free), that is, without adjusting the tension during the entire service life of the belt. Use plain polyester cord, new in 3000~5000KM the original, adjusted the tension, then used also to adjust the 2~3 during times of tension, life of 6~8x104KM, which in the case of having to adjust the tension, you can use the 8~10x104 KM, reached the first overhaul of automobile engine level. Hong-Yu in Taizhou and Nantong crane has the bulk of this cord, and imported products.

2.1.2 Kevlar    is United States DuPont invented a special high strength fiber, suitable for manufacturing agricultural machinery of high load and high impact, low elongation v applications such as variable-speed v-belts and timing belts. Rubber Donghua University, Beijing research and Design Institute had bonded with Xian Jiaotong University and study on performance of DuPont company of Qingdao is processing transmission belts with aramid cords. Our aramid fibers to be imported, due to prices and raw material constraints in China is small.

2.1.3 glass fiber rope    glass fiber has a small elongation, high modulus, good heat resistance and other characteristics, widely used in timing belt. From the middle of the last century 80 's, started development using domestic Chloroprene rubber timing belts, Nanjing glass successfully developed an enhanced market needs   neoprene with fiberglass cord. This kind of glass fiber cords are widely used in industrial synchronous belt and automotive timing belts, has filled the domestic blank of synchronous belt cord. Starting from the mid 90, Nanjing fiberglass with automotive synchronous belt cord focusing on high-performance glass fibre cord production technology and production technology research and development work, filament isolation, round cord and rubber adhesive has made great progress. Monofilament diameter and root number, form the number and structure of cord fiber glass yarn characteristics, twist, polymer coating on the nature and content, as well as parameters such as the production of glass fibre cord. Rubber is generally non-alkali glass fiber  E fiber glass and high strength  S glass fiber. Glass composition determines the basic physical and chemical properties of glass fiber, such as chemical stability, heat resistance, electrical and optical properties, and so on. Apart from the glass composition, molding method and molding conditions, surface State and surface defects and physico-chemical effects on fracture strength of the medium also has an impact. At present, Nanjing, Taicang and three production belt glass fiber cord, but stability cannot yet be compared with imports, some requirements of high-performance timing belt timing belt on schedule depend on imports.

   2.1.4  nylon elastic ribbed elastic cord in recent years because of no need to adjust tension, simple transmission structure, China drum washing machines, fitness equipment, power tools and cars began to be used, its strength high twist nylon cord, elongation of more than 20%. Nantong crane production.

2.2 adhesive   material

package cloth v with by with rubber material including compression rubber, and done rubber, and bonded rubber and wipe (coated) cloth rubber, China General v with most using natural rubber, and styrene-butadiene rubber, and BR and small regeneration rubber, drive network with is dynamic using of rubber products, formula should consider dynamic song rejection performance, and health hot, package cloth rubber also should consider wear sex, containing rubber rate not should too low. In recent years, due to raw material cost pressures, some manufacturers use reclaimed rubber and fillers to reduce costs, making is easy to crack and wear cloth, can not play the advantages polyester cord.

Advanced agricultural machinery v drive belts such as the narrow v-belt, belt, cutting edge v-belt, ribbed belts and timing belts Chloroprene rubber should be used, neoprene rubber with high strength, heat and ageing resistance, ozone resistance, wear resistance, good flexing fatigue, bonded well with other materials. Required by applicable temperature range  -30~10 ℃. Foreign drive belt using a low crystallinity of polychloroprene rubber for general purpose such as DuPont GRT, domestic CR114 changshou chemical is developing similar products, but stability should also be enhanced, most used CR121. Neoprene disadvantage is poor processing performance such as scorch, process heat and ease of sticking, Wuxi huaxiang anti-sticking technology development of CR adhesive can solve these problems.

Hyundai Motor due to energy-saving, environmental protection, comfort, safety, and other requirements getting higher and higher, making the whole engine room structural complex, compact high temperature, has high temperature resistance properties of rubber. Long maintenance periods to achieve 24 0000Km, also higher demands on the durability of rubber parts. CR performance has reached its limits, unable to meet the requirements of the modern automobile. Automotive synchronous belt used hydrogenation Ding nitrile rubber as the main material. Current world production of hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber main Germany Lanxess and Japan ZEON. Orchid in China in 1999, the company successfully developed in China and try again.

in recent years, the universal application of ribbed belt car, because of hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber is too expensive, people in the study found that a small amount of oil is not damage to the belt on the front of the engine, you can use a cheaper heat resistant EPDM rubber (EPDM), as the subject of ribbed rubber material. EPDM wear resistance, high temperature resistance to tearing and dynamic performance is unsatisfactory, poor bonding with other materials, these need to be addressed through modified and combined with other materials.

    cutting edge v-belt, ribbed belts and v-belt of agricultural machinery in the rubber and access glue adhesive 10%~30% staple fibre mixed in, to increase lateral stiffness and abrasion resistance. Fujin rubber factory in cooperation with Beijing University of chemical technology and development of nylon, polyester and blue cotton short fibres are widely used in domestic transmission network factory. Beijing University of chemical technology and the recent development of aramid pulp, can be used for better performance requirements drive belt.

2.3   tape

v with using of tape, including package cloth v with of cloth, and cut side v with and more wedge with of top cloth, and end of cloth, and layer collection cloth with canvas, joint group v with links layer and big specifications farm machinery speed v with cloth with cord,, requirements with will has better of wear sex, and heat sex and resistance fatigue performance, and rubber has good of bonded performance, and has appropriate of friction coefficient. Polyester and cotton blended fabric canvas plain weave structure, polyester content of not more than 40% as well, more than 50% need for RFL dip. Kowloon in Wujiang Jiangsu jianhu Guanhua, makes a wide angle and its longitude angle of 110~130 º, with good resistance to tune performance, bent in favour of v-belt is used, there are manufacturers in the high-performance drive belt used.

timing belt teeth and the cord with a cloth to protect it, with improved tooth shear strength and abrasion resistance, and keep the cord away from the tooth damage. Requires a high level of intensity, a certain amount of abrasion resistance and low friction coefficient, the general use of nylon 66 high-strength wire. For ease of processing, and the weft should be flexible. This kind of cloth (nylon retractable cloth) first developed by Ningbo Fulong, Donghua University, and currently there are a number of production plants such as huaxiang, wujin district, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Zhejiang sanmen.

3. the manufacturing process and equipment

3.1 package v-belt

     v-belt can be classified by their skeleton structure-cloth cord v-belt and cloth type cord v-belt. Band v-belt has nearly eliminated, here mainly describes the v-belt manufactured fabric cord. Cord package cloth v with as by its section shape and using requirements also can is divided into General v with, and narrow v with, and car v with and agricultural machinery with speed v with,, its manufacturing process main for: the parts prepared (cord hanging rubber, and out tablets, and compression rubber article extrusion, and CD cloth), forming (row line, and Shang compression rubber, and cloth), sulfide, test (appearance, and size, and performance),.

3.1.1  parts preparation

fabric preparation including production part v-belt cords hanging plastic, rubber, rubber extrusion, CD etc, here to talk about the main cord hang gum problems. Cord is already online rope factory until after dipping into the factory glue, but in order to further improve the thread affinity with the rubber compound and rubber adhesion, usually in front of a line of glue. Glue handle there are two:

first, dip, the cord through the dip-dip coater glue in the Groove surfaces impregnated. The dip in China's Wuxi Donghai Xiang and Shaoxing horse units were produced. This machine adopts linear motor electronic speed reciprocating orderly strings dip and arrange quantitative automatic winding, the structure is simple and practical, the disadvantage is that without drying, glue bond with each other and affect the uniformity and the surface of the rubber is very small.

second string rubber, cord plastic bags were first Germany bei Rostov technology, its plastic packages like wire and cable technology, is more commonly used in foreign countries. China Wuxi belt introduced a beisituofu cord rubber coating machine, xinji rubber factory developed the technology and has been through the identification, Wuxi Huawei for tape factory in Guangzhou cord rubber coating machine. Unit consists of extruder, extruder, cooled tanks, surface release agent spraying device and take-up device and so on. After plastic bags, the cord, solve the puzzling cord v-belt power cord arrangement problem.

fabric 3.1.2  cotton rope v-belt molding

    v-belt molding process is a fabric cord with body parts are combined into strips, these processes include for tensile cord wire, adhesive film, access to film and the film (a) fitting, cloth, and so on. Depending on the process can be completed once these processes such as automotive v belt manual molding (now phased out), or you can step through the first string, adhesive film, access to film and the film () ladder-type core, and then by fabric into strips.  core manufacturing

our core manufacturing there are basically three types of molding method:

A. Single drum unit assembly method

    single drum group with core molding is conducted in single-drum machine. Similar to the structure of single-drum machine-cut edges with molding machine, mainly by the main gear, and expansion drums and sheathed device, cutting device, tailstock, discharge, cable installation, composed of wire rope tension system and electrical control system. In 1985, the former Shenyang adhesive tape plant in China from Japan, Kobe machinery Corporation introduced a fabric can produce strings of length 1219~3048mm single drum v-belt forming machine. 80 's of last century, Wuxi, Luoyang and Guiyang and other units from Germany SCHOLZ introduced molding machine (Universal) to v-belt core fabric production. Qingdao Yi Li through the digestion and absorption of the company has been "95" during the completion of the research project, and through the identification of the former Ministry of chemical industry. The molding method for anti-forming method, in accordance with specifications sheathed on the expansive drum, which wraps done film film, adhesive film, rope, compression, and then through the "v" knife-cut part of the compound, and circular knives cut into core. The biggest advantage of this method is the string tension should be, high degree of automation. Due to expansion in cutting the sheath making time-consuming and drum size limit, for a single specification, length ≤ 2500mm for mass production.

B. Double drum forming method

early 90 's of the last century, the original rubber factory and Changshu, Jiangsu elephant Rubber Industries Ltd of jiaxing and Taiwan Rebekah's company and Taiwan elephant rubber industrial co joint venture production line v-belt fabric rope, the introduction of the Taiwan manufacturing v-belt fabric cord complete sets of technology and equipment, its core manufacturing method is the double drum forming method. This method is to hang plastic cord in twin-roll line on line, paste adhesive and access glue, again according to the specification into line blank, and then on another machine by the trapezoidal rubber extruder. Due to the method of simple equipment, production flexibility, high efficiency, rapid city, ... At present in our country, 80% v-belt fabric cord production using this method. The production line was first produced by the original rubber factory in jiaxing to digest later Xiang hongli joint venture production company with EMI, horse, Shaoxing, Wuxi Huawei machinery, machine manufacturing co, Wuxi Donghai machinery plant and Xiang Hua Xia has started production of rubber and plastic machinery factory, and was improved. Wuxi Huawei has developed a fourth-generation thread forming machine (hand spinning machine), is characterized by constant tension system tension structures, automatic adjustment, automatic line, into a set of tangent (CN 2411882) and touch-screen control, and so on. Shaoxing horse invented the grooved roller cable (CN 2252095), solve the disorders and cord power cord spacing between frictional contact problems. Wang Jiemin invented the v-belt cord winding device of double-drum machine (patent number: 99258442 ) to ensure that different models of v-belts cords for different models of a variety of rope between the distances required.

C. Double-drum unit assembly method

double drum unit Assembly Act was first by the oil and natural gas Corporation jianghan machinery Research Institute senior engineer Wang Jiemin set of core manufacturing method (CN 1039993), prior to the double drum forming method is not widely used, applied up to a method of manufacturing core. Manufacturing process is as follows: in twin-roll line on line, paste adhesive and access glue, then pressed into rows of rubber stuck directly on the cord, with a blade and cut a single core. Jimo Xin Cheng machinery company is the production of the device. This machine consists of cord fabric roll-off, dipping drying device, fitting components, such as device, cutting device and control device. Circumference is 700~13000mm cord v-belt can be produced, independently guide open wire, dipped, into a group of pressure-sensitive adhesive strip, group cutting processes.

also worth mentioning is that the dual core v-belt molding technology. Dual core v-belt transmission capacity, long life and high transmission efficiency, and the use of wires advantages, but the core manufacturing technology of Taiwan has been unable to resolve. Cao Zhonghua recently developed and applied for double rope v-belt core device patent (CN 2373628).


    cloth is the core coated with a layer or several layers of cloth into strips of processes, the main device is a machine. Domestic fabric used single-station machines, fabric there is not solid, uneven edges, low productivity and high labor intensity. 80 's of last century the original rubber products factory in Luoyang from Germany SCHOLZ company has introduced a two-position automatic package machine, subsequently generic sanming chemical machinery factory, the degree of automation is high, compact structure, length and fabric by digital counters to set layer, accurate completion of fixed-length cloth automatically, and equipped with a pair of scissors, you can automatically cut the cloth. But the fabric width accuracy and uniformity of the volume is very high, on the surface sticky tape also has certain requirements, our CD and crimp technology can't keep up, and the price has not been promoting open.

fabric currently used equipment from Taiwan to introduce the four posts machines, the machines are in fact core molding (with rubber) and the fabric Strip dual-position operating system. Cloth device automatically by the Strip lamination, cloth, separation, tail bags, press release series, and is composed of two connected to a geared head and slide bar, available on the four-man at the same time {two primer, two outsourcing}, automatically set the cloth through a digital fixed-length cloth, ending a series of moves to complete. Equipment is simple, easy to use, automated Cheng Gao, manual and automatic dual-use, labour productivity is high.

3.1.3   sulfide

    sulfide production v-belt fabric is the last operation, by curing strips manufactures v belts. Cloth mainly e-v-belt vulcanizing process flat vulcanizing machine, vulcanizing tanks and Rotary curing machine three types of curing methods.

A.   E-type flat vulcanizing machine

e-type flat vulcanizing machine v-belt fabric is the most common method of curing, before the 80 's of last century, v-belt fabric produced in China almost all of this process, the advantages of this method are the production of flexible, different specification and different lengths are free to change and adjust, tooling investment, simple operation, such as sulfide stress. Drawback is the double cure, dimensional instability, poor quality and low productivity. Short v-belt (3.5mm) gradually replaced by autoclave.

middle of the last century 80 's, Shanghai v fabric adhesive tape, in order to meet the greater contraction force with a strong skeleton material of polyester cord needs some improvements were made to e-flat vulcanizing machine, increasing the pressure tank, adjust the slide-rail type measures, it then used widely in our country. In order to solve the e-type flat vulcanizing machine v-dimensional instability problems, Chen Jianwen to improve the e-flat vulcanizing machine (CN2710873)

B.   In autoclave

v-belt in autoclave in a foreign country is a very common type of vulcanization, short v-belt (4500mm) using this method. V-belt fabric in autoclave with good quality, beautiful appearance, dimensional stability (fabric market in China reflects the autoclave-v-belt elongation problem, I believe that this not autoclave-cured the problem. ), The advantages of having to distribution groups. Drawback is the tooling investment, not suited to longer curing.

v-belt in autoclave fabric in China started late, rubber factory in Beijing in the early 80 have been developing this technology for the production of automotive v-belts. Late 80 's of the last century, Wuxi, Luoyang and Guiyang and other units from Germany SCHOLZ after the company introduced the autoclave, China began to be applied. The 90 's of the last century, with the v-belt production technology in fabric cord, autoclave process began large-scale application. Xiang hongli developed the radial gate hoist type autoclave (CN 2207275), it closed end tanks, tank lid, tank flange and the tank flange, seal and lock tank flange and the tank flange locking ring formed. Features, locking ring is divided into two halves, connected on the tank flange and the tank flange, opening the way for moves the horizontal one way open, close it. Its structure is simple, easy to manufacture, opening closed saving time, effort, key and other features, has been widely used in China. But radial gate hoist type autoclave also has poor security, switch on the lid is easy to pull the sealing ring and other shortcomings. In order to solve security problems radial gate hoist type autoclave, Chen Jianwen made a series of improvements (CN 2407915, and CN 2428282, and CN 2413890). Huawei machinery developed autoclave self-locking cover (CN 2383654), cylinder head and cylinder junction respectively, uniform layout of the mesh on the flanged locking teeth, locked in the rack installed on the cylinder head cylinder, rotating cylinder and moving cylinders, resulting in improved autoclave safety. Opens the way for vertical movement up and down open, close the cylinder head to avoid seal the bad phenomenon.

C. Drum type vulcanizing machine

v with drum type sulfide machine is package cloth v with ideal of sulfide tool, in European get general application, European some famous of drive network with production manufacturers, as OPTIBELT, and CONTITECH, and ROUNLDS, production of no tolerance package cloth v with is used this process sulfide of (this three home company no tolerance package cloth v with respectively identifies for S=C, and L=L and T=S), its sulfide method (DE  2337749) is first strip in a State of nature through v-belt Rotary curing machine continuous vulcanization, then moved to the special training that is not cooling cooling device on the tension. In the early 80, developed by Shanghai rubber machinery works and the v-belt Rotary curing machine in national promotion, but for technical reasons, have not been applied. The late 80 's, jiamusi factory introduces SCHOLZ V belt Rotary curing machine, used in the production of agricultural machinery transmission v-belt, its quality is superior e-type flat vulcanizing machine v-belt. Fu Chien-applied for a patent for v-belt Rotary curing machine (CN2558502Y).

3.2  cutting edge v-belt, ribbed belts and timing belts

from the mid-80, Luoyang, Guiyang, Shanghai, Wuxi, Qingdao, Kaifeng, the introduction of foreign equipment (mainly Germany SCHOLZ company's equipment) and technology, began producing the drive belt. In recent years, the number of units on the digestion and absorption of the imported equipment, combined with the reality of our country have also produced the transmission network with complete sets of production equipment.

cutting edge v-belt, ribbed belts and timing belts production process and production equipment is basically the same, only certain specific process after the equipment and procedures differ. Production parts preparation (films, staple fiber film Splice, nylon elastic cloth, CD), molding and curing, grinding, cutting, testing (appearance, size, and performance).

3.2.1  staple fiber film splicing   

cutting edges and ribbed with short fiber in short fiber film orientation must be perpendicular to the direction of motion, and therefore delayed staple fiber film must have 90 after cross cut steering and docking can be used for molding. Wuxi rubber factory introduces Germany SCHOLZ a short fiber film splicing machine, the machine consists of machine frame, leads the open centering device, storage device, cutting device, transmission device, stitching devices, coil apparatus and electric control system, etc. Using PLC control, automation and production efficiency is high, suitable for 0.5~2.0mm and width thickness ≤ 1500mm film splice. While working on the film roll in the unwinding equipment after installation with storage using the manipulator will guide the film opened to a predetermined location, then cutting, delivery device will cut the film to the splice location. When the Terminal at the time of splicing film, control the length of the photoelectric switch, conveyor stops. To stitch and finish after trimming, by coiling unit film away. After cutting and splicing film, length is accurate, uniform thickness, fiber orientation consistent splice joints smooth, firm, without overlap. Qingdao company through the digestion and absorption of staple fiber film splicing machine and SCHOLZ structure is basically the same, there have been more than one production plant in the country. Wuxi Donghai machinery factory simplification short fiber film splicing machine to meet the domestic demand for small factories.

3.2.2  molding

     cutting edge v-belt, ribbed belts and timing belts is generally performed on a single drum machine. Timing belt tension in order to eliminate the torque effect of cord, with a different twist direction of cord (that is, the "s" and "z" twist) two lines simultaneously, you need two sets of tension system. Early from several units Germany SCHOLZ introduced the machine, for investment consideration, importing multi-function forming machine (omnipotent). Fabric this machine not only can be used for v-belts, cutting edge v-belt, ribbed belts and timing belts, but can be used for cutting back sheath and belt grinding and cutting. The set consists of the main gear, drum, cutting drum, cutting equipment, grinding equipment, tailstock, four-station film unwinding equipment, cable installation, duplex string unwinding equipment and electric control system, etc. Double-cord unwinding equipment can complete the emissions of two cords, cord adjustable constant tension, and thread synchronization recovery can be achieved. Drum diameter drum, cutting drum for expansion drum, drum 1200mm working length, circumference is 400~3120mm tape. This machine adopts PLC control, automatic level, quality and efficiency is very high. As each expansion drum expansion range of around 180mm (perimeter), so each device to be equipped with several different diameter expansion drums and drum, which increase the cost of the equipment. Due to the single to accomplish a variety of tasks, their efficiency is greatly reduced. Qingdao company DCV multifunction machine that is produced by this machine.

multifunction features of the v-belt is composed or decomposed and produced a number of special equipment, will function together in the back of cutting and grinding mill-cutting machine single purpose machine, cutting machine, grinding machine and so on the back. These devices is multifunctional v-belt will not be on the basis of necessary features removed, it retains the features, the structure is similar.

cut side v with, and more wedge with and synchronization with of forming machine in China has has has more than units production, except Qingdao should be Lee up company bear national "95" technology research project and has full completed outside, Qingdao letter Sen, and Harbin University of technology, and Northwest University of technology, and Zhejiang University of technology, and Wuxi open source group, and Wuxi East, and lanxi xiahua, are has production, principle similar, products has Jane has fan, meet different level user of needs.

Qingdao Lida also Henin Jaguar group produced a large synchronous belt, length up to 7000mm, solve the difficult problem of large synchronous belt.

3.2.3  sulfide

     cutting edge v-belts, timing belt, multi-wedge belt vulcanizing autoclave-cured the same cloth v belt, pouches, vertical autoclave can be used. According to the different pressure, rubber vulcanization can be divided into the steam pressure and steam heated and pressurized water type. At present, imported autoclave and the DLT autoclave for steam-heating, this machine uses the PLD control, temperature control and high precision, high production efficiency and product quality, but for medium and high pressure steam boilers. Wuxi Donghai to address low pressure autoclave-cured the problem, has also developed a hot-air pressure matching device.

    steam-heat and water pressure autoclave pressure and temperature are controlled separately. Maintain optimal temperature conditions can increase water pressure alone. The vulcanizing boiler has no special requirements, in general low pressure boilers, but the machine to heat up more slowly, productivity is low, and equipped with high pressure water system. Wuxi Donghai, China Northwest Polytechnical University has produced.

3.2.4 -cutting edge v-belt cutting single drum cutting

single drum drum cutting machine for cutting if the versatile v-belt, cut before the first cut on the expansive drum sheathed and ground round, two disc cutter cut into a single cutting edge v-belts, belt section uniform, great production, but expansive drum large investment, the sheath making takes time. double drum cutting

double double drum for drum cutting cutting machine good curing tube width and angle of the standards into a single tape. First Germany Bell invention of Rostov. Shanghai rubber products plant in Kaifeng rubber factories from Germany to introduce the machines, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Qingdao, Shaoxing Sen horse developed such devices. By main driving device of double drum cutting machine, cutting drums, take-up drums, cutting devices, control systems and other components. Adjust the tensioning drum and the distance between the cutting drum then cutting perimeter 680~3000mm belts, motion of the barrel is similar to drive belt drive. Double expansion drums and drum cutter cuts cut sheath, can reduce investment in equipment, but its poor cutting precision, after cutting the straps need to be measuring and grinding.

3.2.5  poly v-belt grinding

     poly v-belt grinding machine for sulfide good ribbed cylindrical grinding, to form a ribbed belt wedge. The machine according to the different processing methods can be divided into multiple v-belt grinding machines and ribbed tube grinding machine. Synchronous belt factory, Ningbo, Wuxi Berthe Morisot, Guiyang masses, the introduction of rubber products factory in Luoyang from Germany Scholz company poly v-belt grinding machine, Wuxi belt introduced cylindrical grinding machines and grinding machines. Sen in Qingdao and Wuxi in China East Sea, Wuxi Kaiyuan and lanxi xiahua production.  poly v-belt grinding

poly v-belt grinding machines by grinding device, driving wheel, tension pulley, electric control systems. Will be cut according to the width of the Strip, on the sets of driving wheels, use tensioner strap tensioning and grinding through a dedicated high-speed rotation of the grinding wheel. This machine is suitable for 600~2500mm with perimeter, width less than 30mm PJ, PK, PL ribbed belt grinding wedge, grinding speed for 30m/s.  ribbed cylindrical grinding

ribbed cylindrical grinding machine working process: and die with Vulcanized good strip tube mounted along with the abrasive grinding machine spindle, rotating with the spindle; after every grinding after all, move in horizontal distance to continue grinding another until the completion of the entire cylinder grinding. Ribbed cylindrical grinding machine grinding machine productivity than a single large, high dimensional accuracy, but the accuracy and precision of the equipment require high, so high equipment investment.

3.2.6   the cutting edge v-belt measuring grinding

     cutting edge v-belt measuring grinding machine is used for cutting edge v-belt length and a height measuring, cutting based on measurement results of v-belt wedge angle and width of amount of grinding finishing, with the length and cross section dimensions are conform to specified requirements. China's Qingdao Yi Li company, Wuxi Kaiyuan group, Wuxi Donghai machinery production.

cutting edge v-belt measuring grinding machine consists of machine frame, belt length adjustment device and grinding equipment, measuring devices and control systems, measurement of length 690~3600mm, 60M/min grinding speed. Work, start by measuring cutting v-belt length, shorter than the standard length, and within a certain range, both sides of the v-belt for proper ground, until it meets the required size requirement if they meet the requirements of the standard length, the length is shown if length deviation is greater than the tolerance limit, it is not grinding.

4  test   test

drive network with finished detection including appearance shape (section size, and length, and angle, and show height and size uniform sex,), and physical mechanical performance (stretch strength, and die volume, and elongation rate, and hardness, and friction coefficient, and Hardy heat, and resistance solvent, and antistatic and flame retardant,) and dynamic performance (drive power, and drive efficiency, and vibration and noise, and fatigue life and reliability,),.

4.1  length

in our country since reform and opening up, drive belt's standards were in accordance with international standards and American standards (), and the standard length are base system and effective representation of abandoned used dozens of weeks during the year, so need to use dedicated measurement tool to measure. In the 80 's of the last century in China, Shanghai aircraft design Institute as part of the automotive v belt size standards started to develop automotive v belt length measuring machine. With the implementation of new standard v-belt, v-belt length measuring machine manufacturers the necessary measurement tools. Qingdao rubber industry Research Institute, Yingkou testing machine factory, jiangdu Pearl material testing machine factory has production.

timing belt measuring machines for high precision, generally measured by comparative method. Wuxi belt from Germany SCHOLZ introduced a timing belt measuring machines, South-East University, Qingdao company production.

fatigue life of 4.2 

drive belts are used in a dynamic State, and some use extremely harsh conditions, such as automotive, agricultural machinery. How to simulate a live transmission belt manufacturer and belt drive on important topics. As early as in the late 70, Harbin Institute of technology and the Chinese Academy of agricultural mechanization, jianghan machinery Research Institute, to meet the prevailing agricultural zone and development of petroleum machinery belt, started the research and development of fatigue testing machine to work.

fatigue life test there are no torque and torque method, which also known as Flex. Is being used non-torque testing machine to adapt to the new standard of classical v-belt (GB1174-96) has been developed, jimo city jiangdu Pearl material testing machine factory and machinery production. During experiments with no torque, no relative slip between the pulleys, tension can make the body changes can only simulate the flexing of the belt through the belt wheel, remember the flexible number and elongation, you generally need to 5-7 days. It is by reducing the wheel diameter or increase the initial tension intensified fatigue, poor correlation with the transmission network with real-world usage. But a factor related to the test methods due to a single, equipment simple structure, low energy consumption, control the production process quality is good idea. Longshan rubber factory to design a farm machinery flexing test machines for v-belt.

fatigue life test of torque in a relatively short period of time on the transmission network with quality has a comprehensive and accurate assessment. Luoyang in China, Shanghai, Guiyang and Wuxi, opened with the introduction of equipment imports Germany automotive v belt fatigue testing machine. Harbin Institute of technology was Shanghai rubber plant, developed by Changchun automobile Research Institute and other automotive v-belt fatigue testing machine. Changchun Institute of optics reference to Chrysler standards designed for machine factory in Liaoyang have a ribbed belt life test-bed. Wuxi Berthe Morisot also introduced automotive ribbed belt fatigue testing machine, high temperature fatigue test can be done. This machine uses the mechanical closure principle, using electromagnetic loader. By adjusting the current size of load, can adjust the size of the load. The machine has a good energy-saving effect, energy saving of up to 63% per cent. It adopts PLC control, segmentation test data on-demand or instant printing. Wang Jiemin invention of "v with full function dynamic performance test device" (patent application,:  99258441) using existing v with mechanical closed test machine of principle, and to its basic composition closed test system of active axis Assembly for simplified, and to this axis for symmetry, in its anti-direction again increased a also of closed test system, makes two a closed test system total with a active axis Assembly. Both closed test systems combined to form two separate closed stream, composed of two test systems and the interaction as a whole, the device can conduct a variety of v-belts, torque and torque-free dynamic performance test of all.

rubber conveyor belt plant in Tianjin United States v-belt of agricultural machinery manufacturing technology, with production lines introduced by United States agricultural machinery design of v-belt ASAE211 fatigue testing machine (now Zhejiang zijingang tape limited), the computer as the v-belt technology of agricultural machinery in China has made a great contribution.

car synchronization with fatigue life test machine in China less application, Wuxi, and Guiyang the from Germany introduced had a Taiwan, Ningbo Yu River special drive network with limited independent development has car synchronization with simulation workers condition fatigue life device, Nanjing car factory for the factory production of SOFIM engine specifically design a simulation workers condition fatigue life device, original oil gas Corporation jianghan mechanical Institute engineer Wang Jiemin recently for Liaoyang machine with factory design a Taiwan of car synchronization with fatigue life test machine, according to GB/ T18183-2000.eqvISO10917:1995 the standard requirement of the fatigue test method of automotive synchronous belt, but also applies to Japan Automobile standards JASOE110-92 the requirements of the test method for automotive engine timing belt, can be high temperature fatigue testing and fatigue life of water spray test. Qingdao Sen group is developing the device.

with the development of China's automobile industry and car performance is greatly improved, automotive synchronous belt (timing belt) will surely be more demanding performance requirements. ISO and advanced countries have formulated automotive synchronous belt fatigue testing standard (established GB/T18183-2000), how to step up China's automotive synchronous belt fatigue testing machine development, production and marketing is a very real problem.

5  show   look

    equipment drive belt industry in China through years of introduction of digestion and absorption and developed, has made great progress, reflected the level of transmission network development at the present stage in our country, but compared with foreign countries there is a gap. Mainly for:

(1) transmission belt production technology tools, management and product quality. Some tools are very simple, chaotic management, using raw materials of poor quality, formulation of extremely low cost, quality of products produced at all, cheap and fake market, seriously affect and disrupt the transmission network with the healthy development of the market, especially the popularization and application of new transmission belts;

(2) were not allowed into some high-end users. Such as limousines, motorcycles with high quality and high precision and high cleanliness requirements home appliances and office equipment such as cameras, high-resolution printers and scanners and other micro-timing belt, a computer disk with the flat belt. Quality, precision and reliability of the product needs to be further improved.

(3) theoretical applied research. In the 80 's and 90 's, a group of expert on belt drive, in many universities and has a belt drive teaching and research, such as hit, Kat, great engineer Shen, Shanghai Institute of machinery and so on. Of knowledge, innovative drive belt drive belt promotion and standardization has played a positive role in promoting. But in the late 90 's, with universities, research institutes as the main representative of theoretical studies appear the situation of lack of successors, poor research innovation, lack of experimental evidence have been published, the transmission network with application extremely negative.

(4) standardization work was less than satisfactory. Transmission network with the standardization efforts over the years, certain results have been achieved, so far, there are national standards and industry standards approximate more than more than 80. Transmission network has been basically formed in China complete with a standardized system to some extent drive belt drive technology in China and promote the research, production and use. However, due to historical and institutional reasons, centralized standardization management of belts and pulleys are not unified, contradictory standards set by, unable to satisfy requirements, some performance indicators confusion; and the International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC41 "pulley and belt" counterpart of the Standardization Technical Committee has not been able to set up, to drive greater adverse impact on the standardization work. International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC41 "pulley and belt" p Member, did not send a representative to attend the meeting for many years, fail to understand and follow up developments relating to international standardization of transmission belts, can not express our views.

(5) certain transmission belt set-up is almost blank. Such as double-sided timing belt, open timing belt, injection reactions drive belt, and shear strength of short carbon fiber-reinforced synchronous belts (herringbone) belt and CVT transmission v-belt, manufacturing technology and equipment;

(6) few independent property rights, large transmission network with manufacturers abroad transmission network with new products, manufacturing technology and equipment for their development or innovation or improvement, and protect their property rights, such as Gates ' company filed for more than more than 100 patents in China. With China's accession to WTO and the country attaches to intellectual property protection, which will severely restrict the transmission network with sustainable development and participation in the international competition

(7) testing means, foreign large-mesh belt drive belt manufacturers attach great importance to driving performance research and product quality control, do online to inspect certain items. Large transmission network with manufacturers of dynamic experiment equipment has hundreds of sets of one-third for new product and process development, one-third, one-third, used in the production process quality control for the purpose of application. The drive belt is more perspective, research and has its own unique method. In China, only a handful of manufacturers that have 1~3 fatigue life of machine, but often in a failed State.

    based on the foregoing, in particular are in fact international manufacturing base in China, and drive belts of the world famous manufacturers have set up plants in China situation, future direction of transmission belts in China, I think it is the following:

(1)      further improve quality, positive move closer to the international standards and advanced foreign standards, such as agricultural machinery v-belt v-belt 25 000h life, 1 000h, automobile v-belts, car car timing belt, multi-wedge belt and reached 240 000km;

(2)     -cloth ordinary v-belts, narrow v-belts should be no development of tolerance, transmission efficiency from the current 85~92%, up to 93~97%, 5%, energy 3~5%;

(3)      the development of badly needed transmission belt and the appropriate equipment such as two-sided teeth, open timing belt and elastic ribbed belt;

(4)      strengthen the new technique research and development such as injection reaction drive belt, short carbon fiber-reinforced synchronous belts, inclined (herringbone) tooth drive belt timing belt, thermoplastic elastomers (v-belt, ribbed belts and timing belts) and CVT transmission v-belt, and development of appropriate equipment;

(5)      strengthened collaboration with universities, research institutions, the transmission network with multi-faceted studies. Focus on life and reliability, transmission power and efficiency. Exert link function of Chinese mechanical engineering society Technical Committee on professional belt drive.

(6)      set up with the International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC41 "pulley and belt" corresponding standardization Technical Committee, to participate in international standardization activities, clean up of existing standards, standardized development planning;

(7)      strengthen the localization work and improving the reliability of laboratory equipment, especially high temperature poly v belt test, high temperature spray automotive synchronous belt fatigue testing machine and motor variable speed v-belt development of fatigue testing machine and application;

(8)      tracking user technology trend and raw materials, such as hybrid electric vehicles 42V motor belt requirements and impact, passenger car diesel engines for automotive timing belt special performance requirements, the European emission standards (Euro IV ~ VII) automotive transmission belt life and reliability requirements. Tracking the international transmission network with industry trends, such as belts and other transmission components (pulleys, tensioners, bushings and damping) combination to belt in the best condition to use; modular, programme development;

(9) the   condition of the transmission network with manufacturers should actively develop transmission belt production technology and equipment, strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights.