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Development prospects of China chain, sprocket product technology

How to expand as soon as possible, solve the technical problems, improve the quality of economic growth, into the chain drive "power" tracks are worthy of further exploration and research. From the technical point of view, on prospects of chain-driven products technology.  

1, strengthening technological innovation and scientific research based comprehensive capability

in recent years, both at home and abroad in terms of fatigue performance of chains did a lot of research to guide product design and manufacturing is no doubt played an important role.

while, also note to has on chain of fatigue life distribution law of research, but limited to variety reasons, these research work enough in-depth and system, and on fatigue fracture of analysis, especially on fatigue fracture of micro analysis far insufficient, on fatigue fracture process in the crack initiation, and micro crack extended, and macro crack extended, and fracture failure of mechanism and dynamic panorama observation understand is less, and fracture of failure analysis, for test and guide products design and manufacturing process is vital of a ring. Of course, fracture analysis of fatigue fracture of plate should not be limited to chain, should also include a roller, sleeve parts for small energy multiple fatigue fracture. In fact, domestic counterparts have begun to recognize fatigue life analysis of regular and fracture analysis of the importance of, and starts at a different level of research in this area, and typical of fatigue fracture surface map is an important foundational work in the industry.

wear mechanism and study on failure mechanism is essential for brand chain products, wear chain products has always been the most important and the most sensible one of the key technical indicators. In recent years, China has started a roller chain, and chain wear failure mechanism of microscopic analysis of chain of abrasive wear, fatigue, adhesive wear and other main wear mechanism study on contact fatigue crack growth, expansion and the dynamic process of peeling and cyclic hardening and cyclic softening characteristics. With the increasing market requirements on wear resistance of chain products (ε-<1%), comprehensive and systematic study of roller chains and Bush chains, toothed chain, as well as special conditions it is imperative to wear of the chain and many other products used. As a technology trend, high speed, impact, variable speed and variable loads, dust, corrosion and other wear mechanism under severe service conditions and study on failure mechanism, and an important way to improve wear resistance is the key to a practical technology and innovation projects.

for high-speed chain drive noise of importance, industry within has early has awareness, but corresponding of research and test work has been no progress, investigate its reasons, first is industry within no related of standard and test specification, and to wants to proposed chain drive noise of evaluation index and test method, no solid of early research based as support is hard achieved of; second, science of noise test environment and test conditions also limit has this aspects work of carried out. At present, there are many chain products, such as automotive engine timing chain and oil pump chains, transmission chains, timing chain of motorcycle engine noise evaluation indices have been gradually introduced, thereby pulling the industry on the technical strategy of market demand. Should pointed out that, noise of test and research cannot only limited to chain drive system of instantaneous noise value, but should on chain drive system of instant State signal or non-steady-state information of noise spectrum for real-time analysis, research its noise of frequency time of dynamic characteristics, sought produced noise of roots and reduced noise of measures, to this based Shang proposed related of evaluation standard and test specification, and this a research work first by high-speed sleeve roll child chain and high-speed tooth shaped chain started, will has important of guide meaning.

addition, in chain meshing mechanism Shang should carried out pragmatic of based technology research, as on currently international Shang application in high fine mechanical drive Shang of Hy-Vo of chain and derived out of Hy-Vo meshing chain, (in same only chain in the both can achieved outside contact and can within contact), and Hy-Vo more section from pendulum pin chain (in same only chain in the has two species section from size), new chain of meshing principle and design method.