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After-sales service

King's friends:

thank you for your support of the faithful, in order for you to better understand our business, strengthen cooperation and exchange between us, now our factory service specifications to you, welcome your oversight and for their valuable comments and suggestions in order to help us to further improve the quality of work, better service to every customer.  

service commitment

first, our factory will be in strict accordance with the delivery schedule of your request, arrange, organize production to ensure on time delivery, ensure the needs of construction.

Second, our factory has accumulated rich experience in production management, in terms of technology, production technology, detection means and other areas are fully equipped with the ability to produce high quality products. We will be strict technology procedures, according to the ISO9001 quality assurance system, strengthening from raw materials to the factory process control, product assurance.


pre-sales services

visit customers in a planned way, sought to listen, understand customer needs and problems in a timely manner, the demands on users, you should respond within the same day, can not meet the description should be made, contracts completed in two days.

in-sale service

strict compliance with the contract of sale, time according to the volume of products strictly comply with technical service agreements, provide technical guidance on time   guarantee the quality of service, found that the problem resolved in a timely manner, should inform the user that cannot be resolved, Report Manager, Exchange or refund due to product quality problems, should be required to report.

after-sales service

our customer's problems, the province the same day, officers arrived at the scene services, foreign service personnel in the 3rd to address, the Sales Department during the individual within one month after the completion of the works will be submitted to the competent leadership, once every six months the information feedback, and accordingly the user survey, understand what users of our assessment of the work.